me oner

My name is Hel, and I’m an ultrarunning fanatic. I love every aspect of ultra training, but most of all am fascinated by the mental and emotional side of endurance.

Ultra runners are told all the time that mental and emotional prep for races is as important as physical training. However, when training for my first ultra I got annoyed at how few resources there are to help endurance athletes to mentally prepare for races, and how difficult those resources can be to find.

I started Ultragrit to help runners to mentally and emotionally prep for their events by sharing the tips, tricks and plans which have helped me in my running. I want you to run the best race you possibly can, unhindered by mental blocks.

Using the material on Ultragrit will help you to build your mental and emotional resilience so that come race day, not only will you be physically trained, but you’ll also have the mental resources to draw on so you can finish strong.

Have fun, enjoy your training, and punch your race in the face!

Want to get in touch? Email me at info@ultragrit.net