Big And Scary Running

Want coaching? Go to my super-awesome coach Andy Mouncey at Big And Scary Running. His physical and mental training have upped my running game SO much. He’s also very kind and patient, and reet Yorkshire, and writes awesome books, blogs, and articles for RunUltra. His book ‘So You Want To Run An Ultra’ was uber-helpful when I was training for my first ultra, and his coaching since then has helped me to focus my training and overcome hurdles like a mental wobble when I got injured.


In terms of finding races and getting inspiration I LOVE the site RunUltra. As well as race listings and reviews, they publish awesome articles and collate other articles with tips and research that may be helpful to runners.

Run Deep Magazine

Run Deep magazine is an online-only magazine that sells for the princely sum of 99p per issue! Some really interesting articles in here, and a ‘real life’ spin to the stories featured. Think Maureen down the road who happens to be running ultras now as well as taking care of the grandkids, rather than sleek, elite athletes in their 20s rocketing up and down mountains in 30 mins. (Full disclosure: I also write for Run Deep, and manage their social media, but that’s cause I love what the mag does!)


Ultra168 is a great site for more articles and features with an Aussie/NZ spin. Some really thoughtful articles get featured on here, and some cracking runner interviews.

Bad Boy Running

Bad Boy Running is a hilarious podcast that rocks the tendency of running podcasts to be boring as sin. Don’t be fooled – they love their running! But this is as much about the daft, social side of running as the serious, technical bits. And they get some cracking interviewees.